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Microshare’s Approach to Cyber Security

Microshare provides advanced technology solutions for all organizations with a comprehensive cyber security strategy.

Secure Gateway URL Management

URL & User ID, App & Domain Level SSL Decryption for Visibility & Management, Social Web 2.0 Management Control

Next-generation firewall

Next-generation firewalls use designated security zones, along with flexible deployment modes at Layer 1, Layer 2, or Layer 3 to segment enterprise networks. Security policies take advantage of tightly integrated technologies, such as App-IDTM and User-ID, which allow identification of who is using which applications within a segment, while Content-ID and WildFireTM technologies continually inspect traffic for threats.

Bandwidth Optimization

Integrate with enterprise-caliber bandwidth optimization and acceleration with best-in-class application network visibility and control in a single, easy-to-use suite – both in an appliance format or virtual infrastructure.

SSL Offloading

Distribute SSL/TLS data processing load to a single platform, ensuring optimal performance and investment protection of existing gateway security solutions.

Next Generation Endpoint Security

Known and unknown threat protection on endpoint devices. Next Gen intelligence, malware-ransomware protection, Code Removal – reporting

Network Access Control

Wired and wireless access management through device identification, user association and control of access to all network ports or wifi.

Security Information and Event Management

Provide a holistic view of information and relevant data for an enterprise’s security produced in multiple locations with data brought to a single point of view, resulting in identifying trends and patterns of potential threats.

Global Internet Traffic


GB/Day (1992)


GB/Hour (1997)


Gbps (2002)


Gbps (2007)


Gbps (2015)


Gbps (projected in 2020)

Source: Cisco VNI, 2016

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