Big News – MicroShare and Schools Are Partnering with a NEW Solution

Our Microshare Team so appreciates our School Customers and trust our customers have in our firm to provide the very best in cybersecurity solutions.

In 2018, our firm started a campaign offering a NEW Next Generation URL Filtering Solution – Content Keeper.

After dozens of onsite evaluations (over 20) and customer testing, 100% of every school that tested Content Keeper from MicroShare purchased it.

Since we aligned our URL filtering offering to schools with Content Keeper last year, the feedback we have been receiving from schools that have deployed it has been exceptional. (we have references we can share)

The key feedback that is making all the difference in each School Customer we have talked to is summed up below

Content Keeper works right out of the box

With key features shown in the web demonstration

SSL decryption really works

So YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google Apps and most previously difficult application content that was hard to get to is now available for instruction and is safe

All key features including SSL decryption was setup immediately

Unlike other solutions that required a lot of effort and time

Technical Support is better than any support ever used

With dozens of products used by schools, Content Keeper’s technical support is by far the best experienced

Mobile device both BYOD and district owned is filtered easily

As compared to many products that tout Cloud Filtering requiring agents and not offering a consistent filter experience

Read what two different school technologists wrote about Content Keeper and MicroShare after using the product for 8 months

I have used many content filtering solutions in my career in technology for schools. With Content Keeper I can honestly say that is by far the best URL filtering product I have ever seen. What was a daily meeting with my staff seeking to get our previous filter solutions working, is now maybe a twice a week meeting. Thank you MicroShare for introducing us to Content Keeper. —Technology Director of a Houston based School District
When I joined our school team in fall of 2017, I assumed my primary task was going to involve a daily support call with our precious content filter because that what it took to keep it working correctly. After we implemented Content Keeper, I no longer had to work daily on URL filtering. It was implemented and worked right out of the box. Now when I contact support, it is for customizing our filtering features. I can’t say enough about the quality support we receive with Content Keeper. Absolutely top-notch. With our working relationship with MicroShare and Content Keeper, I now provide quality technology security in all aspects of my role. —Security Analyst of a Houston based School District

Since MicroShare’s entry into providing School District Cybersecuity in 2001, our firm has been committed to providing the best solutions available. As quoted in our Value Data Sheet

The Value Rule #1: The Customer Experience - is it good or is it bad? If anything with our customer is less than great, then we bring the experience up to “Great” level.

If you are reading this, call us.

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We look forward to serving you and your district for a dynamic 2019 and for years to come.

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