Budget Is King

Ten features your budget will agree with

Budget is a key challenge, so how are schools working with us to bring in Content Keeper in a way that accommodates your budget and your board of trustees? They know that the below features for a K-12 web filter are absolutely important but most of all, indispensable for any school to have…

  • A multi-platform web filtering solution that provides the same user experience regardless of device, browser, or location.
  • Granular, policy-based control over social media sites and popular domains.
  • Transparent user authentication, so administrators know who is using the network at all times—and users don’t have to navigate a login screen.
  • Reliable SSL inspection at multi-gig speeds across all devices and web browsers.
  • Application management and visibility, so administrators can control and block apps that students use to circumvent web filtering.
  • Real-time monitoring, analytics and alerting to proactively prevent bullying, self-harm, and other harmful behaviors.
  • Comprehensive, enterprise-class reporting that identifies and details specific users and subdomains.
  • Real-time video whitelisting and LMS integration.
  • Scalability and ease of implementation.
  • Highly responsive service and support.
Ensuring instruction content is safely delivered is our passion at MicroShare.

No school will be left out due to budget constraints! Content Keeper has Education focused pricing, fiscal year phase-in pricing AND Education approved multi-annual financing. If you want to explore each of these features in more detail and understand better why it should be considered a critical element of any K-12 web filtering solution, please view the white paper: Ten ‘Must-Have” Features of a K-12 Web Filter. It’s truly freeing what Content Keeper can do in this encrypted world.

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