BYOD And Mobile Devices

How to make access and usage truly manageable again

As more and more smart devices flood our society, the challenge of managing who and when internet access happens, what data content is available, while protecting the privacy of personal smart phones and tablets is a real challenge. The key is in user identity and effective control of access that aligns with the technology department policies. Even with the myriad of devices, operating systems and applications, hope is available.

One of the things that has become apparent through customers who are leaving our competition is that they are sold on features but the vendors are not sharing the fact that these features only work on some platforms/browsers. Therefore, students have to then log in, then login to other services or are limited to certain browsers. Additionally, not all of the features work on all platforms. This is a strength of CK as all of our filtering is done at the gateway with the same technology regardless of device type or browser.

  1. Accurate, seamless user identification both on and off site
  2. iPads
  3. Chromebooks
  4. Windows
  5. Consistency across platforms and browsers:
    • Desired features work regardless of device or browser type
    • The same user experience both on and off site
  6. Keyword/Search Phrase blocking, reporting and alerting not limited to Chrome or Google but work across all search engines.

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