Introducing ContentKeeper’s New Gen Cloud Filtering for Schools.

The Next Evolution Beyond Cloud 1.0 in Providing Anywhere Content Visibility Control – in School or at Home.

100% Device Agnostic

Not just strong with Chromebook management, but an advocate in equal opportunity for ALL Devices to thrive
under a central management platform.

100% NOT a Browser Solution

Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, you name it. We don’t have limits and protect it all. Let us help
you move beyond Cloud 1.0 browser limitations.

100% Able to Understand the Subdomain Landscape

Google sites (Translate), Vimeo, Youtube – have strong K12 values. Let us intelligently block the bad Vimeo
so your students can learn from its K12 relevant information. Over blocking is the enemy.

100% Intelligent & Realtime Reporting

We understand that “To Kill a Mocking Bird” is good, while “How do I kill myself” requires an immediate
and realtime response.

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