MicroShare Cybersecurity Partnerships

CISO/Cybersecurity Program Development

  • Work collaboratively with Technology Leadership to determine current posture and short-term/long term needs
  • Assist in the development of a mature cybersecurity program aligning with the NIST and Texas Cybersecurity Framework
  • Provide policies and procedures for the School District that aligns with NIST

Cyber Insurance Review

  • Review of existing or incoming cybersecurity insurance plans
  • Discussion and knowledge transfer with Technology and Risk Management Departments about Insurance requirements
  • Ongoing support and assistance understanding and meeting the needs of the insurance policy

Configuration Security Maturity Review

  • Discussions with staff on current configuration processes
  • Review of system configurations for secure compliance with manufacturer recommendations and alignment
  • Limited Pen Testing engagement to determine organizational maturity

Staff Knowledge Transfer

  • Ongoing technology discussions centered around MITRE Attacks, mitigation and detection efforts as well as configuration best business practices
  • Knowledge transfer/training to employees throughout the engagement to ensure they fully understand what is being implemented, how to support it going forward and the implications in a K-12 environment

Incident Response Planning

  • Discussions with staff on current IR plans and needs of departments
  • Assist Technology Staff and other departments with IR plan template and revisions to fit organizational needs
  • Ongoing and follow up support for IR plan testing – Tabletop and live action exercises

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