Is Cloud Filtering Really Secure?

There is a big push in the industry to move K-12 to the cloud, but why?

By now you have likely been solicited to take a look at a Cloud solution for filtering. Perhaps you are using one of these solutions now. Regardless, there is a big push in the industry to move K12 to the cloud, but why? The value point of moving to the cloud is clear: no on-prem hardware. But after that the benefits get harder to see. Is the move to cloud filtering cutting edge or a step back??

Let us show you how ContentKeeper is addressing this question and proving to present an answer that many schools are suggesting

Is ContentKeeper providing a better and more secure product for the sake of K12 filtering in an encrypted world?

We believe that cloud filtering comes with a list of 5 major concerns: SSL Decryption, BYOD, Device type, Browser type and the hassle of managing agents on all endpoints.

What you get with the ContentKeeper Experience:
  • No need to manage clients on all of your endpoints, i.e. BYOD is filtered in the same manner as district owned devices
  • The location of your devices doesn’t matter. Whether on or off prem, your users will have the same experience
  • No limitation on what types of devices you can successfully have – iPad, chromebook, Laptop, MAC, it doesn’t matter. All of these devices, on or off prem, are filtered the same
  • No Browser limitations- Chrome, Yahoo, Bing, Safari, FireFox, etc… you can use them all
  • Best of all, easy to deploy SSL decryption. No empty promises of this one day having this work for the sake of Google, Youtube, Google Translate etc. with ContentKeeper this is set up for you during the PoC/pilot

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