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Microshare’s Approach to Cyber Security

Microshare provides advanced technology solutions for all organizations with a comprehensive cyber security strategy.

Secure Web URL Management

URL & User ID, App & Domain Level SSL Decryption for Visibility & Management, Social Web 2.0 Management Control

Next-generation firewall

Next-generation firewalls use designated security zones, along with flexible deployment modes at Layer 1, Layer 2, or Layer 3 to segment enterprise networks. Security policies take advantage of tightly integrated technologies, such as App-IDTM and User-ID, which allow identification of who is using which applications within a segment, while Content-ID and WildFireTM technologies continually inspect traffic for threats.

Bandwidth Optimization

Integrate with enterprise-caliber bandwidth optimization and acceleration with best-in-class application network visibility and control in a single, easy-to-use suite – both in an appliance format or virtual infrastructure.

SSL Decrypt through content filtering

Even with the myriad of devices, operating systems and applications, hope is available to successfully decrypt SSL, filter at the gateway and provide the same technology regardless of device type or browser. CIPA compliance is possible again.

Next Generation Endpoint Security

Known and unknown threat protection on endpoint devices. Next Gen intelligence, malware-ransomware protection, Code Removal – reporting

Network Access Control

Wired and wireless access management through device identification, user association and control of access to all network ports or wifi.

Security Information and Event Management

Provide a holistic view of information and relevant data for an enterprise’s security produced in multiple locations with data brought to a single point of view, resulting in identifying trends and patterns of potential threats.

Global Internet Traffic


GB/Day (1992)


GB/Hour (1997)


Gbps (2002)


Gbps (2007)


Gbps (2015)


Gbps (projected in 2020)

Source: Cisco VNI, 2016

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