Q&A with a Rio Grande valley School of 18,000 students

One of our customers told us that Content Keeper has been very impressive in performing what they need it to do. We got a chance to ask them more about it and here is what they had to say…

How is your overall experience with the product Content Keeper?

Content Keeper, once tailored to our needs, has been an invaluable addition to our arsenal of security devices. We’ve not only been able to streamline our policy base, but we’ve also managed to finally selectively decrypt SSL traffic and strengthen our security posture.

How is your overall experience with support for Content Keeper?

Support has been great, with none of our requests going unanswered for an unreasonable amount of time.

Content Keeper claims that with them SSL decryption is their specialty. How has your SSL decryption been with Content Keeper to date?

To date, we’ve been able to selectively decrypt traffic, giving us more visibility into critical traffic when problems arise.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, typical encrypted applications and data are hard for most URL filtering products to manage. How has your experience been with Content Keeper managing these types of applications?

Content Keeper’s built in “Web 2.0 Controls” feature, has given us way more granular control over many popular sites.

How true is this quote to your experience with Content Keeper compared to previously used content filters you have used?

In my experience, the quote is very accurate in describing what Content Keeper brings to the table. Content Keeper’s approach in deployment through stages ensures a smooth transition. We were able to customize our device for our environment and modify as needed along the way. After having been with our previous filter for several years we wanted to lessen the growing pains that come with any new product and Content Keeper helped us accomplish that. We are still molding it to meet our needs, but I am confident it can handle anything we throw at it.

Related to MicroShare, how would you say our firm has performed bringing your district products?

When it’s time to look for an upgrade to our existing products, MicroShare is always on top of the latest and greatest being offered in IT security.

MicroShare rep support?

I’ve always known they are just a phone call away and there is great comfort in that. MicroShare has not only been able to provide us with best-in-breed products, their support goes on long after the sale. In my experience most IT companies operate with a “sell it and forget it” type of mentality. Louis’ personal attention to detail and customer satisfaction is a testament to why he is trusted and respected. Add to that Myles’ in depth knowledge of the products he has personally tested and can vouch for and you’ve got a great team. From sales to service and beyond, Louis and his entire team are tough to beat!

Any other comments you want to share?

No complaints here… a pleasure doing business with you.

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