Meet Us

About MicroShare

MicroShare provides leading-edge network security solutions with a focus on unparalleled customer service. From our highly trained security engineers to our business support group, the entire MicroShare team is committed to delivering quality solutions and services.

Our mission statement since founding in 1994: MicroShare does not seek to be all things to all clients, we seek to be all things to our clients. We care for each of our clients and seek to develop professional partnerships rather than selling a product or service.

MicroShare carefully reviews and selects product offerings that provide reliable and cost-effective security solutions to corporate, retail, and educational organizations.

How MicroShare Vetts Cyber Security Solutions

MicroShare’s vetting process is not typical of other resellers. Since we operate more as a consulting firm ensuring deployment services, we are much more deliberate in adoption of new products we resell.

  • Desired API integration to ­­­­­one or more products in our current solution stack
  • Function evaluation that adds value to our Cyber Security Blueprint
  • Products we adopt must have satisfied customers communicating high marks
  • All products must provide nonstandard pricing for our market adoption
  • Ease-of-use, good analytics and high product support ratings
  • Thorough analysis of product function and effectiveness by our solutions engineer
  • Customer focused service and support
  • Product review by specific MSI customers via a “Proof of Concept”

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